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Meet Dan Small @ Field'n'Stream Deer& Turkey Expo, Madison, WI, S813

VOL: 8 ISSUE: 813 - 30 MARCH 2013


This.Week, s813• How do bucks get their antlers locked?
• Goshawks took lots of Wisconsin grouse this winter

Contest Line, s809
Up.Close, s813• Jeff fishes Crystal Lake and Lake Wausau


Do you agree with the Wisconsin Chippewa Tribes’ proposed 2013 spring walleye spearing harvest?
Results Poll S812, s813
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Do you favor removing the woodchuck from Wisconsin’s protected species list and designating it as a game animal with an annual hunting season?

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The Question: "Do you favor removing the woodchuck from Wisconsin’s protected species list and designating it as a game animal with an annual hunting season?"

WHAT do YOU think of this.

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Wisconsin lawmaker wants open season on woodchucks

Wisconsin State Rep. Andre Jacque (R-DePere) is drafting a bill that would remove the woodchuck from the list of protected species and designate it as a game animal, with a 10-month season and no bag limit. Jacque’s bill is co-sponsored by State Sen. Kathleen Vinehout (D-Alma), a farmer who has experienced woodchuck damage to her farm crops.
The bill was suggested by “Trapper Dan” Cichantek, of Manitowoc, who works part time as a nuisance animal trapper. Cichantek introduced a resolution for a woodchuck season at the Conservation Congress spring hearing in Manitowoc County in 2008. The county resolution passed, and the following year the question appeared on the statewide questionnaire, where it also passed. Nothing came of it until the Manitowoc County Fish and Game Protective Association mentioned it to Jacque last year.
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DNR Deer Trustee Survey, s813



Antler collector explains how deer get their antlers locked while fighting and talks about his display of locked bucks at the Field & Stream/Outdoor Life Wisconsin Deer & Turkey Expo, April 5-7 in Madison
  Don Foss, s813


Regional biologist with the Ruffed Grouse Society reports on winter’s impact on grouse and woodcock and a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that favors woodland property owners
  Gary Zimmer, RGS, s813


Author talks about his new book, Resorts of Wisconsin, which traces the history of family-run resorts
  Neil Johnson, author, s813


Pure Fishing pro-staffer reports ice fishing is winding down on the Madison Chain, but anglers are catching walleyes on the Wisconsin River
Duffy Kopf, Madison Outdoors Report, s813



FISHING CONTESTS: Find them ALL online: @ American Fishing Contests
JSOnline: On The Trail w/ Paul Smith - Activities & Events: ONLINE INFO
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Mentors can take any youth ages 10 through 15 who has a tag and license.
photo c. Charles Thon ©2010

Youth turkey hunt April 6 and 7

It couldn’t get much easier to take a youngster hunting than the spring turkey hunt for youth [PDF]. Parents, guardians, and mentors can take any youth ages 10 through 15 who has a tag and license.
“This is a great chance for all of us adults, parents and hunters to grab a rookie and get in the game,” said Keith Warnke, hunter recruitment coordinator for the state Department of Natural Resources. “Now is the time to take the opportunity to take your kids, your kids’ friends or your friends’ kids and mentor a new hunter.”
The 2013 Spring Turkey Youth Hunt will occur statewide April 6 and 7. The two-day spring youth hunt, successfully initiated in 2007, allows one-on-one mentoring of future hunters in a relaxed atmosphere without competition for hunting spots from regular season hunters.
Thanks to the Mentored Hunting Program that took effect starting with the 2009 fall season, youth hunters aged 10 and 11, in addition to youth ages 12 through 15, also may now participate in the 2012 youth turkey hunt.
“To truly be a mentor means a commitment of several years, not a single event. We have a highly dedicated, highly skilled cadre of hunting mentors in Wisconsin,” Warnke said. “Now is the time to make that commitment and shine.”
Under the Mentored Hunting Program, youngsters ages 10 through 15 may hunt during the two-day youth turkey hunt without first having completed hunter education, so long as they do so with a qualified adult mentor and follow the rules of the program. Youth ages 12 through 15 who have already completed hunter education may hunt during the youth hunt while accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older. Each youth must have a valid spring 2012 turkey harvest permit, license and stamp.
Youth are allowed to hunt on April 6 and 7 in the turkey management zone [PDF] for which their permit is valid, regardless of the time period their permit is issued for, and may harvest only one male or bearded turkey during the two-day hunt.
A youth who does not successfully harvest a turkey during the two-day hunt may use the unfilled permit during the time period and in the zone for which the permit was issued. There is no special application procedure for the youth hunt, but young hunters must either be issued a tag through the drawing or purchase a leftover tag. All other spring turkey hunting regulations apply.
Read more here:
  • Keith Warnke - (608) 576-5243
  • Joanne Haas - (608) 267-0798

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The Conservation Congress is the public's platform to weigh-in on proposed fish and wildlife changes within the DNR.
photo c. WDNR ©2013 Conservation Congress

2013 spring fish and wildlife rules hearings, conservation congress county meetings April 8 in every county of the state

MADISON – The public will have an opportunity to weigh in on a wide variety of proposed fish and wildlife rule changes, and to propose other changes, at the 2013 Department of Natural Resources spring fish and wildlife rules hearings and annual Conservation Congress county meetings.
On Monday, April 8, there will be 72 public hearings, one in each Wisconsin county starting at 7 p.m. where individuals interested in natural resources management will have an opportunity to provide their input by non-binding vote and testimony to the Department of Natural Resources, Natural Resources Board and the Conservation Congress on proposed hunting, trapping, and fishing rule changes and advisory questions.
The hearings, held annually, are immediately followed by county Conservation Congress meetings during which residents can vote on and introduce their ideas to address natural resources related concerns. The list of meeting locations [PDF] and the combined questionnaire [PDF] is available for review by searching the DNR website for keywords spring hearings.
The spring gatherings cover three major areas: elections for county Conservation Congress delegates; proposed wildlife and fisheries rule changes that have been developed through previous Conservation Congress meetings; and Conservation Congress proposals for future rule development.
Among the fisheries rule change proposals are:
  • Shifting the hours to legally spear sturgeon on lakes Winnebago, Butte des Morts, Winneconne, and Poygan from 6:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and change it to 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., and shift the daily deadline for sturgeon spearers to register their fish from 1:30 to 2 p.m.
  • Removing the northern bass management zone early catch-and-release season for largemouth bass and allow the harvest of largemouth bass under existing size and bag limits; and
  • Allowing motor trolling statewide.
Among the wildlife rule proposals being considered are:
  • Allowing the use of rifles for deer hunting statewide; simplifying pheasant hunting regulations;
  • Establish that, when the bear hunting season is open, hunting hours apply to people who are training bear hunting dogs as well as to people who are hunting bears; and
  • Allow unattended, overnight placement of portable stands and blinds on Department owned and managed lands.
In addition to the DNR rule proposals, the Conservation Congress has a variety of advisory questions asking citizens to gauge public support on various natural resource issues including a proposal to eliminate the back tag requirement for deer hunters, expanding the definition of artificial lights for predator hunting, possible changes to the concealment rule for waterfowl hunting, and a proposal to require the registration of non-motorized boats.
During the Conservation Congress county meetings, county residents have the option to run for a seat on the Conservation Congress and to elect delegates from their county to represent their views regarding natural resources issues on the Conservation Congress, the citizen advisory body to the Natural Resources Board and the DNR. Also, individuals have the opportunity to bring forth new conservation issues of a statewide nature to the attention of the Conservation Congress through the citizen resolution process. Information about the spring hearing process is also available on the Conservation Congress pages of the DNR website.
Read more here.
  • WILDLIFE RULES: Scott Loomans - (608) 267-2452
  • FISHERIES RULES: Kate Strom Hiorns - (608) 266-0828
  • CONSERVATION CONGRESS: Kari Lee-Zimmermann - (208) -266-0580

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