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VOL: 9 ISSUE: 906 - 08 FEBRUARY 2014

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• Valentine’s Weekend is expo time in SE Wisconsin
• Open water in Madison – Spring can’t be far away
S.E. Wisconsin Fishing and Hunting Expo Pheasant Fest 2014 Milwaukee Muskie Expo

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• Dan reports on last weekend’s SCI Badgerland event in the Dells
• Jeff warms up on local panfish then heads to Croton Dam Pond in Michigan for the NAIFC qualifier
NAIFC Dan Small at SCI-Badgerland event

Should supplemental feeding of deer be banned in Wisconsin?
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Should Wisconsin have a hunting season on tundra swans?

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The Question: "Should Wisconsin have a hunting season on tundra swans?"
WHAT do YOU think of this.
photos c. WDNR ©2014

WCC’s 80th year opens with tundra swan idea

In the January 23 online edition of Wisconsin Outdoor News, Lee Fahrney wrote: Wausau, Wis. — It was 1934 when the likes of conservation icons Aldo Leopold, Wisconsin Chief Game Warden Harley MacKenzie, and Superintendent of Game William Grimmer created the county-based system of citizen natural resources involvement known as the Wisconsin Conservation Congress. In 1971, Gov. Patrick Lucey signed a bill into law recognizing the congress’ role as an advisory body to the Natural Resources Board and the DNR.
Now in its 80th year, the Conservation Congress Executive Council met Jan. 10-11 to consider all things conservation and formulate proposals for the 2014 spring hearings agenda.
Recommendations include adding a tundra swan season, on-line registration of deer, and protection of white deer within CWD zones. These ideas were to have been advanced to the Natural Resources Board at its Jan. 21 meeting.
Citizen proposals from at least five Wisconsin counties have urged the establishment of a tundra swan season. Al Shook, WCC delegate from Waukesha County, noted that several other states have similar seasons.
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Chef, hunter and wild game cookbook author talks about his new book, Duck, Duck, Goose and his upcoming seminars at Pheasant Fest, Feb. 14-16 in Milwaukee
Hank Shaw, s906


Director of the Southeastern Wisconsin Fishing & Hunting Expo previews the expo coming Feb. 14-16 to its new and bigger location, the Washington County Fairgrounds in West Bend
Chuck Smalley, s906


Board member of the Madison Fishing Expo talks about the features of this expo coming to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison Feb. 21-23
Charlie Grimm, s906
MADISON OUTDOORS REPORT - Heard exclusively on FM 100.5 ESPN, ESPNWISCONSIN.COM AND PODCASTS: SPONSORED by SCI Badgerland and Bennetts Meadowood Country Club


Bait and tackle retailer says panfish are still biting on Lake Mason and announces a benefit ice fishing tournament for Mike Kane on the lake Feb. 8
Jim Joyce, s906, s846

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Sturgeon spearing season is upon us. Water clarity and ice conditions are important issues: Updates. photo c. Fond du Lac Convention and Visitors Bureau ©2014

Ice and water clarity conditions updated for sturgeon spearing season

OSHKOSH - With just days to go before the 2014 Winnebago lake sturgeon spearing season opens Feb. 8, state fisheries officials report that water clarity and ice conditions, the best in a decade and the keys to spearing success, continue to improve.
DNR fisheries biologists checked water clarity earlier this morning, Feb. 4, and found water clarity had increased from several weeks ago even.
"The current water clarity conditions of 14-16 feet of visibility are the best we've seen since the 2008-2010 spearing seasons, which were all very successful spearing seasons lasting four to eight days," says Ryan Koenigs, Winnebago sturgeon biologist with the Department of Natural Resources.
Koenigs forecasts an exciting 2014 season due to favorable water clarity and ice conditions making it easier for spearers to get around on the ice and also for them to see sturgeon underwater.
"Given the clear water, we are anticipating a relatively short season that will likely be highlighted by the harvest of many trophy sized fish," he says.
The prospects of really big fish are also raising expectations for the season. A record 9.5 percent of the sturgeon harvested from Lake Winnebago during the 2013 season weighed more than 100 pounds and DNR staff have routinely observed fish larger than 200 pounds in recent spring surveys.
Learn more about lake sturgeon and the unique winter spearing season in DNR's "Sturgeon Week" series of web features, including today's feature on record fish.
Read more here:
  • Ryan Koenigs - (920) 303-5450

NewsPic2, s906
Fall turkey number are in and Spring permit levels set.
photo c. Dan Small Outdoors, LLC. ©2014

Hunters register 4,633 birds in 2013 fall wild turkey hunt; spring permit levels set

MADISON -- Wisconsin wild turkey hunters registered a total of 4,633 birds during the fall 2013 wild turkey season, a decrease of 34 percent from the 7,054 turkeys registered during the 2012 season. Success rates also decreased, from 12.9 percent in 2012 to 7.1 percent during the 2013 season.
"The late spring and wet June last year translated into poor overall reproductive success for turkeys, so with fewer young birds out there we expected to see a bit of a drop in harvest during the fall season," said Scott Walter, upland wildlife ecologist for the Department of Natural Resources. "However, the magnitude of the decline from the 2012 harvest was somewhat surprising. We'll be looking at the results of our fall hunter survey to see if hunter participation rates or effort may have played roles in the drop in harvest."
Variable weather conditions play a significant role in turkey population dynamics, and turkey populations can increase rapidly during years of favorable weather, according to Walter. The past two years provide nice examples of how variable annual production can be, with near-record levels of poult production in the very early, dry spring of 2012 followed by very poor production during the cold, wet spring of 2013. "Long-term, this variation in spring weather is what nudges turkey populations upward and downward between years, and hunters can expect that the number of turkeys they see in the field will vary accordingly."
Permit availability remained unchanged in 2013; not including Fort McCoy, the total number of permits available statewide for the fall 2013 season was 96,700, identical to 2012. A total of 64,983 permits were sold for the 2013 fall turkey season; 55,711 were allotted via the drawing, and another 9,272 permits were sold over-the-counter after the drawing had been completed.
The number of permits available to hunters in each of the state's seven Turkey Management Zones is recommended by members of the Wild Turkey Advisory Committee. The committee monitors recent trends in harvest, hunter success, and turkey reproduction, as well as hunter densities and field reports of turkey abundance.
DNR first initiated a fall turkey season in 1989 with the increase and expansion of turkeys throughout the state. Since then, hunters have been able to pursue turkeys in the fall and the spring.
"Hunting turkeys in the fall is quite different from taking part in the spring hunt, where hunters use the breeding behavior of gobblers to call one into range," said Walter. "Fall hunters learn that the key to success is to pattern turkey flocks, and are adept at locating roost sites or feeding locations in order to get close to turkeys.
Read more here:
  • Scott Walter, DNR upland wildlife ecologist - (608) 267-7861
  • Krista McGinley, DNR assistant upland wildlife ecologist - (608) 261-8458, s846

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