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DSORe eNews Vol.9 Issue S921

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VOL: 9 ISSUE: 921 - 24 MAY 2014


• Chocolate Fest comes to Burlington
• Off-road fun at Dyracuse Recreational Area

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• Dan reports on his successful turkey hunt
• Jeff scores some morel mushrooms

Do you think “Free Fun Weekend” recruits many new anglers and outdoor recreationists?

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Do you think Wisconsin should have an early duck season for teal only?

The Question: "Do you think Wisconsin should have an early duck season for teal only? "
WHAT do YOU think of this.
photo c. WDNR ©2014 Jack Bartholmai

Early teal season and extended dove season proposed for Wisconsin

MADISON - Wisconsin would be able to offer an experimental early teal-only duck hunting season that would begin September 2014, under a proposal that is open for public comment and will be subject of upcoming public hearings.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service established an experimental framework that will require each season during the initial three-year period to be scheduled in September prior to Wisconsin's regular duck season. Throughout this period, the wildlife biologists would be required to monitor and report hunter success, which will determine the success of the early season.

During 2013 and early 2014, DNR staff presented information in public meetings, advisory committee meetings and special breakout sessions at the waterfowl hunter's conference and gathered feedback with a waterfowl hunter survey.

Based on preliminary public input and staff analyses, the department has proposed the following season structure for public comment:

Read More..., s846

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Director of public works for the Town of Rome in Adams County, Wisconsin reports on summer activities at Dyracuse Recreational Area


Marketing director for Burlington Chocolate Fest previews this weekend’s activities at this family-friendly event


proprietor of Dumper Dan Sportfishing Charters, looks at trout and salmon action on Lake Michigan
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McFarland area guide reports bass and panfish action is picking up on the Madison Chain, but fishing is still slow on Lake Wisconsin and the Wisconsin River
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Three state campaign (WI, MI, MN) to educate about aquatic invasives and how to prevent spreading the nasties!
photo c. WDNR ©2014

Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota launch campaign to prevent spread of aquatic invasive species

MADISON - Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota share many of the same boaters and anglers - now they're sharing the same message to help protect their iconic waters from aquatic invasive species such as Eurasian water-milfoil, zebra mussels and spiny water fleas.

The states are teaming up on a new public service campaign to help carry a consistent message encouraging boaters and anglers to take steps to avoid accidentally spreading zebra mussels, spiny water fleas and other invasive aquatic species when they travel among states.

A 30-second television spot began airing May 19 on fishing shows across the region. The spot is available on WIDNRTV, Wisconsin's YouTube channel, and on Minnesota DNR, and also is embedded on the agencies' web pages and shared by a network of partner groups across the states.

"We share a common goal of stopping aquatic hitchhikers to keep our Great Lakes and our inland waters healthy," says Department of Natural Resources Secretary Cathy Stepp. "By pooling our resources we can help reach more people with an important reminder as they travel back and forth."

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Tom Landwehr says the Minnesota DNR "welcomes every opportunity to work with other states on AIS prevention measures and this multi-state production is a fitting example. It offers a consistent message and a coordinated approach to effectively address the tough issue of AIS."

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Director Dan Wyant invites partner organizations and individuals to share the video to spread awareness. "We encourage boaters to take action by cleaning equipment to prevent the spread of invasive species in our states."

Wisconsin and other Great Lakes states have been increasingly trying to work across the region to meet the challenges of invasive species, nonnative species that can cause environmental or economic harm or harm to human health. Outreach was fertile ground for such cooperation, says Bob Wakeman, who coordinates aquatic invasive species efforts for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and who had the idea for the tri-state public service message.

"With the help of our partners and on-site recruiting, we were able to capture a wide diversity of people who enjoy our waters," Wakeman says. "We think it's one of the strengths of the video: seeing and hearing average Wisconsinites, Minnesotans and Michiganders on why they love their waters and why it's important to protect them."

Marjorie Casey, Minnesota DNR aquatic invasive species information officer, says the multi-state public service announcement "is a good reminder for everyone to read and understand local AIS laws wherever they travel.
"The prevention requirements are slightly different across the three states, and the AIS laws for each state are available online."
Michigan's Wyant says that by taking a few minutes to clean boats, trailers, and other fishing equipment and drain water from their boat and fishing equipment, "we can all help keep our Great Lakes healthy and protect our inland waters."

Read more here:

  • Bob Wakeman, WDNR aquatic invasive species coordinator - (262) 719-0740
  • Sarah LeSage, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality aquatic invasive species coordinator - (512) 284-5472
  • Marjorie Casey, MNDNR aquatic invasive species information officer - (651) 259-5132
  • Ann Pierce, MNDNR, Ecological and Water Resources section manager - (651) 259-5119

Northern lakes, Walleye bag limit INCREASE -as of May 23, 2014!
photo c. WDNR ©2014

Walleye bag limits to increase on 447 northern lakes

MADISON - Daily walleye bag limits will increase May 23 on 447 lakes in northern Wisconsin in time for the long Memorial Day weekend.

"Having increased bag limits on these lakes is good news for anglers heading north to enjoy the long weekend fishing, hoping to take fish home," said Department of Natural Resources Secretary, Cathy Stepp. "As anglers enjoy the season, we will continue to focus on long-term efforts that will yield less fluctuation and more consistency with bag limits from the start while still effectively managing and protecting the resource for all to enjoy."

Find tips on fishing for walleye by checking out the 2014 Wisconsin Fishing Report's fishing forecasts.

Anglers' daily bag limit for walleye will increase to five per day on 269 lakes, to three per day on 171 lakes, and to two walleye per day on seven lakes, according to Ron Bruch, DNR Fisheries Bureau Director.

"This is a great time of year to fish for walleye," said Bruch. "With spring just arriving, taking ice off the lakes, and with the walleye done spawning, anglers should find hungry fish ready to bite."

Anglers should consult the 2014-2015 Guide to Wisconsin Hook and Line Fishing Regulations, signs at boat landings, and the 2014-2015 Revised Ceded Territory Walleye Bag Limits for lake-specific information.

Additionally, anglers can now have fishing regulations and other essential information at their fingertips by downloading the free Wisconsin Fish & Wildlife mobile app. Bag limit and other regulation changes are automatically updated to the mobile app to give anglers the most accurate information when and where they need it.

Together, the six Chippewa bands harvested 27,433 walleye and 201 musky as of May 22, 2014. The average harvest of walleye since 2004 is 29,907.

As part of a 1983 Federal Appellate Court decision affirming Chippewa off-reservation hunting, fishing, and gathering rights, the six bands of Wisconsin Chippewa set annual harvest quotas for off-reservation lakes in the Wisconsin Ceded Territory. To ensure combined tribal and recreational angler harvest does not exceed a sustainable level, the state reduces recreational bag limits in lakes declared for harvest by the Chippewa bands. An administrative rule passed by the state Natural Resources Board in 1998 allows the department to adjust initial bag limits annually to reflect actual spring spearing harvests.

Read more here:

For more information on Wisconsin fishing, please visit the DNR Website and search keyword fishing.
  • Steve Hewett, DNR Fisheries Management section chief - (608) 267-7501
  • Joe Hennessy, DNR Treaty Fisheries coordinator - (608) 267-9427, s846

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