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VOL: 9 ISSUE: 927 - 05 JULY 2014

• Stalking the ferocious jackalope
• Great Lakes spring fishing patterns continue into summer

ContestLine, s917

• Dan fishes Lake Michigan off Sheboygan with Dumper Dan and Max’d Out
• Jeff takes second place in Kewaunee Carp Derby, s846


Are you optimistic that we can control the spread of aquatic invasive species?

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Do you feel comfortable eating Lake Michigan fish?

The Question: "Do you feel comfortable eating Lake Michigan fish?"

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photo c. Dan Small OUTDOORS, LLC. ©2014

PCBs levels continue to decline in key Lake Michigan sport fish

MADISON -- New research shows a continuing decline in PCB levels in key Lake Michigan sport fish more than 30 years after regulations on manufacture, use and disposal were put into place.

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources researchers Paul Rasmussen, Candy Schrank and Meghan Williams, in a paper published in the June 16 online edition of the Journal of Great Lakes Research, describe a statistical model based on fish samples collected from 1975 to 2010 that quantified how toxic polychlorinated biphenyls have diminished in chinook and coho salmon -- two prized fish among sport anglers and home chefs. The researchers found that over time, the rate of decline has moderated - from decreases of 16.7 percent annually in chinook and 23.9 percent annually in coho from 1975 to the mid-1980s - to decreases of 4 percent per year in chinook and 2.6 percent per year in coho from the mid-1980s to 2010.

"Although the rate of decline has slowed from the early days of the ban, the continuing improvement is significant," said Candy Schrank, an environmental toxicologist and fisheries expert with DNR. "PCBs remain the contaminant of greatest concern for the health of people who eat fish from Lake Michigan and these findings will help us evaluate ongoing efforts to reduce the amount of chemical contamination entering the lake and to learn about how PCBs move in the environment."

Until their U.S. ban in 1979, PCBs were used to make electrical transformers, carbonless papers, cutting oils and hydraulic fluids. However, because the man-made PCBs are slow to break down in the environment, they remain a problem today along with continuing sources of contamination such as mercury.


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The Writing Huntress offers advice for hunting the mythical jackalope


Proprietor of River Rock Inn and Bait in Ashland, reports great fishing action on Lake Superior


Owner of Dumper Dan’s Sportfishing Charters of Sheboygan says salmon and trout action is up and down this summer on Lake Michigan

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Pappas Trading Post archery expert offers advice for getting bows tuned up prior to archery season

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Free Fishing and Archery clinics @ MacKenzie Center and Devil's Lake SP
photo c. WDNR ©2013

Free fishing and archery clinics offered July 19 at Devil's Lake State Park and MacKenzie Center

POYNETTE, Wis. - The Department of Natural Resources MacKenzie Center and Devil's Lake State Park are partnering to host a double-header outdoor skills learning event on July 19 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants will get hands-on fishing tips at Devil's Lake and learn the basics of archery and get some target practice from certified instructors at MacKenzie. Equipment will be provided and instruction is free.

Both events are "drop-in" style with no reservation required. A Wisconsin fishing license is required for fishing clinic participants age 16 and up and an annual Wisconsin State Parks vehicle sticker or vehicle day pass is needed to bring a vehicle into Devil's Lake. There is no charge to enter MacKenzie. Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

"Archery and fishing are two outdoor skills that can help usher youth into enjoying a lifetime of outdoor recreation," said Kurt Thiede, DNR Division of Lands administrator. "This event will give families a chance to try out both skills at two outstanding outdoor destinations."

The fishing portion of the day is from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the Devil's Lake State Park South Shore Concession building. The event will cover fish identification, knot tying, setting the hook, bait and more. Greg Karch, founder of the nonprofit organization, Learn 2 Fish With Us, will be the lead instructor.

The archery part of the day meets at the MacKenzie Center's main lodge parking lot and runs from 12:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Instructors will guide participants through the basics of archery. The clinic will include instruction and plenty of target practice.

You must furnish your own transportation and lunch. Both locations have picnic areas available.

The MacKenzie Center is located at W7303 County Highway CS, Poynette. Devil's Lake State Park is located at S5975 Park Rd., Baraboo. Distance between the two venues is approximately 30 miles with a travel time between the two locations of roughly 35 to 45 minutes.

In addition to the fishing and archery clinics, visitors are invited to hike the trails, swim at the beach and visit the nature center at Devil's Lake and at MacKenzie, view native wildlife with bison, wolves and more and also hike wooded nature trails. Both events are outside so participants should wear appropriate clothing.

For questions or for more information go to DNR Web site and search for
  • MacKenzie - or call 608-635-8112
  • Devil's Lake - or call 608-356-8301

  • Chrystal Seeley-Schreck, Mackenzie Center - (608) 635-8112
  • Sue Johansen, Devil's Lake State Park - (608) 356-8301
  • Bob Manwell, DNR communications - (608) 275-3317

The Business of Hunting: an Economics Agenda - it works in Wisconsin
photo c. Hunting Works for WI ©2014

Wisconsin Sportsmen, Retailers, and Business Leaders Join Forces on Hunting Economics Agenda

(Green Bay, WI) – A broad group of local and regional leaders representing Wisconsin sporting organizations, small businesses, lodging and retailers today announced the launch of the Hunting Works For Wisconsin partnership. Stressing the major impact hunting has on Wisconsin’s economy, the organization pointed to sportsmen and women as key drivers of in-state commerce.

“There are businesses all over Wisconsin that are benefitting from hunter spending, and the scope of those businesses is much wider than most people imagine. Restaurants, hardware stores, motels, gas stations, grocery stores--the list goes on and on,” said Hunting Works For Wisconsin co-chair and executive director of the Mercer Area Chamber of Commerce Tina Brunell. “As a chamber of commerce representative, I am committed to promoting our local businesses, and I see a wonderful opportunity to join forces with some new faces in Hunting Works For Wisconsin; that is why we signed on as partners.”

According to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, each year 895,000 people hunt in Wisconsin. Wisconsin hunters spend $1.5 billion on hunting equipment and $358 million on trip-related expenses. All this spending results in a $4 billion dollar ripple effect on Wisconsin’s economy.

“Even for those years when job relocation forced me to be a non-resident, I always cherished returning for our family's annual hunting adventures in Wisconsin,” said Mark LaBarbera, Hunting Works For Wisconsin co-chair and founder of the Outdoor Heritage Education Center. “The 131,000 non-resident license buyers agree that travel, lodging and other costs are a bargain compared to the life-long memories created. And now as a resident hunter again, traveling to other parts of Wisconsin to hunt, I'm happy to help local businesses. Hunting activity from both residents and non-residents is so valuable and it boosts our state's tourism dollars. Hunting Works For Wisconsin helps share that truth.”

According to Hunting Works For Wisconsin, this pattern of spending happens all over the state, with each hunter spending on average $2,800 dollars per season to pursue their passion.

The newly formed Hunting Works For Wisconsin partnership has more than 70 partner organizations and will be adding dozens more in the weeks and months to come. The effort is being supported by sporting organizations such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

“Hunting Works For Wisconsin is a wonderful new way for the hunting and shooting communities to connect with Wisconsin businesses, legislators, and other stakeholders about these sporting activities, and to help educate them about why these activities are so important to our way of life in Wisconsin,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “At the DNR, we constantly strive to educate our citizens about the benefits of recreating in our amazing natural settings. I look forward to working with the Hunting Works For Wisconsin partnership to get our messages out to a wide range of citizens.”

“Many people don’t realize the number of jobs hunting helps support, and it’s not just jobs at the local sporting goods store” said Brandon Scholz, president & CEO of the Wisconsin Grocers Association and co-chair of Hunting Works for Wisconsin. “Hunters stop at grocery stores all over Wisconsin to pick up supplies for their trips. In small towns especially the money that hunters bring to local businesses each season – throughout the year – can have a huge impact, which is why I am happy to be a co-chair of this wonderful new organization.”

The Hunting Works For Wisconsin partnership will monitor public policy decisions and weigh in on hunting-related issues that impact Wisconsin jobs. Hunting Works For Wisconsin will serve as a vehicle to facilitate important public policy dialogue and tell the story of how Wisconsin’s hunting heritage positively effects conservation and jobs throughout the state.

About the Hunting Works For Wisconsin Partnership

Hunting Works For Wisconsin is a local grassroots partnership of organizations focused on hunting and the economics derived from these activities. Members are advocates for public policy who support jobs and economic prosperity. As a grassroots organization, we explain the role that hunting and the shooting sports play in both the heritage and economic health of Wisconsin.

Hunting Works For Wisconsin was formed in part as a response to the growth of politically motivated, anti-hunting groups across America. Many anti-hunting groups try to limit hunting, drive up the costs of hunting and even ban hunting altogether. The actions of these groups are eroding our heritage and damaging state economies and local businesses that depend on hunters for their livelihoods. All this is occurring at a time when hunter numbers are declining and we are facing tough economic times.


FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Nate Prouty, s846 WDNR - Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2013 Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2013, YouTube Channel

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