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VOL: 9 ISSUE: 932 - 09 AUGUST 2014


• Stand up and paddle across America
• Sit down and paddle the Kickapoo River

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• Dan starts production of Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2014 TV Special and presents a bobblehead to owners of Braywood Resort on the Eagle River Chain
• Jeff plants his fall food plots with Horny Buck seed and fertilizer, s846
Results for POLL S930

Do you approve of the new system of separate bonus antlerless deer tags for public and private land?

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"New system: bonus anterless tags Public 'n Private Lands ... ?

Do you approve of the new system of separate bonus antlerless deer tags for public and private land?

Antlerless deer tags available for purchase Aug. 18

Poll Pic S930 Hunters are encouraged to view FAQ document and participate in antlerless tags chat Aug. 12

MADISON - Bonus antlerless deer carcass tags are available for purchase starting Monday, Aug. 18 at 10 a.m. Antlerless tags will be sold at a rate of one per person per day. Sales will continue until sold out or until the 2014 deer hunting season ends.

A list of units and tags available can be found at WDNR website.

Tags will be available for purchase through the Online Licensing Center and at DNR licensing sales locations.

Deer management unit boundaries have changed as a result of an extensive two-year review of Wisconsin's deer management program. Deer hunters are encouraged to check the 2014 deer management unit designations map and 2014 Wisconsin Deer Hunting Regulations booklet for information regarding management units.

To help hunters understand the antlerless tag purchasing process, the department is hosting an online bonus antlerless tags chat at noon on Tuesday, Aug. 12. DNR regulations experts will be on hand to answer all tag-related questions. For more information, visit and search keyword "chat."

In 2014, antlerless carcass tags will be available in 55 county units. Each gun deer, archer and crossbow hunting license will include one antlerless tag. This antlerless tag will be valid in county units within the Central Farmland and Southern Farmland zones.

Those who wish to harvest an additional antlerless deer must purchase a unit and zone-specific bonus antlerless deer carcass tag ($12 for residents, $5 for 10 and 11 year-olds, and $20 for adult non-residents). These tags will be specific to public or private land - hunters will need to be aware of which land type they plan to hunt before purchasing an additional bonus antlerless tag.

Nineteen county units, in whole or portion, have been designated as buck only in 2014 to encourage herd growth. Antlerless tags will not be available for purchase in these units. However, qualified members of the U.S. Armed Forces home on furlough or leave, Class A and C disabled permit hunters, and youth hunters ages 10-17 will be allowed to harvest an antlerless deer in buck only units.

Bonus tags for the Northern Forest and Central Forest zones will be available for purchase starting Monday, Aug. 18 at 10 a.m. Tags for the Central Farmland Zone will be available Aug. 19 at 10 a.m. Southern Farmland Zone tags will be available Aug. 20 at 10 a.m. All remaining tags will be available for purchase Aug. 21 at 10 a.m.

Those who purchase a 2014 deer hunting license before Aug. 18 can expedite the tag purchasing process, since hunters must obtain a deer hunting license before they can purchase a bonus antlerless tag.

Remaining tag numbers are updated daily. If a unit is not listed, no tags have been allotted for that unit in 2014. It is important to note that county units with low numbers of available tags will likely sell out quickly.

Hunters are encouraged to check out the frequently asked questions page for more information. The FAQ feature provides brief responses to a wide variety of deer hunting questions, ranging from deer management unit boundaries to antlerless permits.


  • Kevin Wallenfang, DNR big game ecologist - (608) 261-7589
The Question:
"Do you approve of the new system of separate bonus antlerless deer tags for public and private land? "

WHAT do YOU think of this?

When you LEAVE a COMMENT & YOUR NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS, you are entered into the drawing - for a ZipVac portable vacuum sealer starter kit, complete with a rechargeable pump, a hand-operated pump and reusable, resealable storage bags.



Brand ambassador for SIC Maui Paddleboards, talks about his cross-country trip via motorbike and paddleboard.


Commodore of the Kickapoo Yacht Club relates the joys of canoeing Wisconsin’s crookedest river


Mercer-area guide reports great walleye action on the Turtle Flambeau Flowage in Iron County



McFarland guide reports walleye action is picking up on the Wisconsin River and Lake Wisconsin

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Crossbow licences are NOW SEPARATE from archery licences - in 2014
photo c. WDNR ©2013

Crossbow license required for all crossbow hunters starting in 2014

MADISON - With bonus antlerless permit sales and archery and crossbow seasons just around the corner, license sales have begun to increase. Crossbow hunters are reminded that they will need to purchase a different license than in previous years.

New laws have established two kinds of deer hunting licenses applicable to archery and crossbow seasons. A crossbow license will allow hunting deer and small game with a crossbow. An archer license will only allow hunting with what is typically considered archery gear - a bow drawn and held through the effort of the person releasing it (this excludes crossbows). Under the new law, those who wish to hunt with a crossbow must purchase a crossbow license.

"In the past, hunters age 65 or older and those with permits for hunters with disabilities could hunt with a crossbow after purchasing an archer license," said DNR wildlife regulation policy specialist Scott Loomans. "Under the new law, they will need to purchase a crossbow hunting license. We want to remind people of this change and make sure they buy the right license."

Hunters may also purchase a crossbow/archer upgrade in addition to a single crossbow or archer license. This reduced price license option will allow hunters to hunt with both a bow and crossbow, but will not include an extra set of tags. Conservation patron licenses include an archer and crossbow license.

"People do ask us why there are separate license types," said DNR lands division administrator Kurt Thiede. "It was a compromise reached between people who were interested in allowing more crossbow use and those who wanted to move forward a bit more slowly with the new opportunity. The department will be sure to evaluate the crossbow season, talk to hunters, and make sure folks are satisfied with how things are going."

Crossbow licenses are currently on sale through WDNR website keyword license, or at participating license sales locations throughout Wisconsin.

Hunters are encouraged to check out the frequently asked questions page for more information regarding rule changes. The FAQ feature provides brief responses to a wide variety of deer hunting questions, ranging from deer management unit boundaries to antlerless permits. To view the FAQ page, visit WDNR website and search keyword deer.

Those interested in receiving email updates regarding crossbow deer hunting can sign up to receive occasional email reminders about season dates, regulations and other important information. Visit and click on the email icon near the bottom of the page for subscribe for updates for DNR topics, then follow the prompts and select the Crossbow Deer Hunting distribution list.

Read More Here ...

For More Information Contact:

  • Scott Loomans, DNR regulations specialist - (608) 267-2452

Smokey Bear turns 70!! WOW - Happy Birthaversary!

photo c. WDNR ©2014

Smokey Bear turns 70 on August 9

MADISON - Smokey says he is ready for 70 more years of preventing wildfires as the star of the nation's longest-running public service advertising campaign. Who knows Smokey Bear? An Ad Council survey says 97 percent of adults know Smokey Bear and 3 out of 4 adults can recite (without hint or prompt) Smokey's most powerful message: Only You Can Prevent Wildfires.

So powerful is that message fire experts say Smokey has helped reduce the number of acres lost every year to wildfires from roughly 22 million in 1944 (when Smokey started his campaign) to an average of 6.7 million annually today. Yet, Smokey's message remains as relevant today as 70 years ago because wildfire prevention remains a critical issue and people are still the number one cause of forest fires. Plus, as Smokey's birthday candles are being prepared, wildfire crews are working hard suppressing forest fires in the western United States.

Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources recently sent a 20-person wildfire hand-crew of members from various government agencies to Boise, Idaho, to assist with the wildfire suppression efforts. Another 6-person DNR hand-crew also is on its way to the state of Oregon. They will become part of another 20-member wildfire hand-crew to assist with fire-fighting efforts in western states. Also, several single resources or overhead positions have been mobilized this past weekend to assist in the western fire situation.

"We are always prepared for the weather to take a turn for the worst, but if we do not find ourselves in a critical fire situation at home, we most certainly are willing to send resources to areas of the country in need," DNR Wildfire Prevention Specialist Catherine Koele says. "This is a two-way street. We send help to other states when requested. And, if we are facing needs in times of emergencies, we also will get that extra assistance in return."

Wisconsin's peak fire season typically occurs in the spring shortly after the snow-cover disappears. This also is the time landowners are outside conducting property clean-up and choosing to burn ground materials instead of composting or recycling.

"Many people think that lightening starts most wildfires. In fact, 9 out of 10 wildfires nationwide are started by humans," Koele said. "Wildfires sparked by humans in Wisconsin are most commonly caused by debris or trash burning on windy days. The easiest way to prevent these fires is to simply obtain a burn permit and follow the rules."

Other common wildfire causes include:

  • campfires left unattended
  • disposing ashes from woodstoves or fireplaces
  • operating hot equipment in dry grassy areas
To commemorate Smokey's birthday, the DNR will be hosting several events at state parks, state forests, Wisconsin State Fair, DNR ranger stations and local fire departments. In addition, many libraries are conducting summer reading programs to help children understand the differences between good fires and bad fires.

Smokey is giving out bear hugs online, using #SmokeyBearHug. He's also directing fans to the Smokey Bear website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter for more information about wildfire prevention.


  • Wildfire Prevention Specialist Catherine Koele - OFFICE (715) 356-5211 x208; MOBILE (608) 219-9075, s846 WDNR - Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2013 Deer Hunt Wisconsin 2013, YouTube Channel

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